Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Proposal

I'm engaged!!!!!! I am someone's fiance and he is mine. Can it be real?? I have to keep checking my finger!

Yep, it's still there. Must be real. 
I hope you're ready for a very good proposal story:

This past week, my adorable fiance, Aaron, traveled across the world to see me (and Thailand). I'm the luckiest girl in the world. After what was supposed to be a 24-hour trip, which really was something like 30, the moment I've been waiting for and obsessing over arrived. Not the proposal, yet. For the past 2-3 months I've been picturing what every place and event would be like if Aaron were there with me. That sounds super creepy... but keep in mind that I knew he was coming and had to plan out what he might want to see of Thailand in 7 days. So when he stepped off the plane, my instinct was to step into hyper-tour-guide/awesome-girlfriend mode. I await his blog to hear his first thoughts, now that he has had some time for them to sink in.

During the first few day or two, we toured the university, survived the hustle-and-bustle of Bangkok and public transportation, went by skytrain and boat to various markets--including the largest outdoor market in the WORLD, survived some incredible heat (Aaron says it wasn't that bad... it was. Bless his heart), and... finally.. got a Thai massage to celebrate his arrival. Here's a link to the album of pictures from his first and last days, which took place in Bangkok and outskirts I live in.

On the second day, we went and saw the must-sees of Bangkok/Thailand: The Grand Palace and
Wat Po. Luckily for Aaron, he is a "sooon jing jing farang" (really, really tall foreigner) and could see above the heads of all the Chinese tourists and sun umbrellas. We about died of heat stroke, but got some amazing pictures that I always wished I had from my first visit with a lesser-quality camera. After the temples, Aaron was pretty much initiated. All we had left to see were the fancy malls.....well, not quite, but it seemed that way. Oh, and the South of course.

For the heart of the week-- the middle 4 days-- we took a trip to Phang Nga province, near Surin and Similan Islands, in the southwest of Thailand (Andaman Sea side). I had been to the south once before, to Krabi, and had the time of my life and couldn't wait to share it with Aaron. I always imagine and talked about how cool of a place for a wedding it would be. Well... i got the next best thing! On the second day of speed boat riding, lounging in  paradise, snorkeling for Nemos, and skipping in icy blue water and on white sand beaches, Aaron proposed. Here's the adorable, mushy story for anyone who has asked:

The day of the proposal, Aaron packed the waterproof bag for the day (carefully lodging the ring box in a sock so I wouldn't notice it). I offered him my tripod, which he accepted with enthusiasm...I learned why later. We had an hour boat ride to Surin Islands with my Thai family
and 2 tour guide friends and about 15 other foreigners and tour guides. Once we arrived at the island, we snorkeled in 1 or 2 spots and had a fantastic time checking out "nemos" and coral whilst talking through our snorkel masks. Aaron, a novice snorkeler, did a fantastic job and was super cool. No sign of nerves yet :) For lunch, we ate with Dr. Register and her family and had some interesting southern food. Aaron had his first experience eating off of a whole fish-- with eyeballs and all. Somehow, he still kept his cool. Somewhere in this time, without me noticing, he talked to Dr. Lindsey and told him to distract Luke (their 6-year-old son and our tag-a-long) for 10 minutes while he and I found a beach. I was super excited to find a beach and get some sun/swim since we didn't have much free time between snorkeling. We found a neat rock formation and I decided it was a great picture spot, so I started taking tons of pictures while Aaron sneakily set up the tripod and video camera-- also sneaking the
ring into his pocket. I started suspecting out of the corner of my eye :) but didn't want to get my hopes up since Aaron takes a lot of videos anyway. After a few minutes (struggling with the tripod and to hide the ring box bulge in his swimming trunks), he called me over and suggested that we make an awesome video by walking out into the ocean together. Hmmmm... I agreed, my heart pounding, and--sure enough-- once we got to the ocean, he pivoted to his knee and whipped out the box, the ring, and
If you look closely, the tripod.
asked me to marry him. I'm pretty sure I said "yes" in a normal amount of time, but he swears I stood there, awkwardly in shock, for a long time before saying anything at all. I was pretty shocked, after all! Ok, I thought that Thailand would be the perfect time and place for him to ask, but  he also led me off of his trail multiple times. And I don't know how he managed to hide his nerves! (ask him to see his "mafia face" sometime) Perhaps he knew I would say yes :) Anyway... I said yes, put on the ring (temporarily blinded by its sparkling beauty), and he picked me up and spun me around. For the next 10 minutes or so, I was still in
Right after, still in shock.
shock, but we walked around the beach to an even more private area (people were starting to hover) and I started looking for shells to keep to commemorate the event. We ran into our tour guide, Hui, and she got these awesome shots of us celebrating the event. Once we found Dr. Register's family, I told them that I found something in the sand (showing them the ring). They were super excited! Except for Luke, who looked super mad instead, ha. I still don't know if he was jealous that I found hidden treasure or if he thought he and I had a chance when he grew up :P Anyway..... the rest is history.

The night of the proposal, our friends threw us a party with some wine and karaoke in the restaurant of the resort. Good times! We crashed pretty early after a big day of snorkeling and proposing/accepting. The next day, our tour guides decided to surprise us with an engagement photo shoot! Pat is an excellent photographer and I couldn't be happier that we have good photos to celebrate the event.

Ok, maybe a mix of good and silly :) Totally us. 
That's all for now, folks! Check out the pictures on Googe+

If you're reading this at home, know that
-- No, we don't have a wedding date yet, nor will we for a long time!
-- No, we're not getting married in or moving to Thailand in the future-- no worries
-- Aaron is back home, sadly, but he left me with a gorgeous ring and hope for the future

I'll try to keep this short and sweet but check Aaron's blog for more about his trip to Thailand and the best week ever.

P.S. Thank you again, mom and dad, for your blessing! We are very excited. Love you both!!!

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