Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Ants Go Marching

3 Things I Love the Most:

1. Coming home after a weekend away to find my place crawling with ants.
2. The ants are red ants.
3. The ants are too tiny to squish.

So.. just to test me after reading "The Happiness Project", the universe decided to bless me with these little gifts. I suppose I have never really experienced an aggressive ant issue until now and I have to say, it's quite hard on the soul and whatever dreams come from. Really, there's a limited number of ways you can deal with such problems on the 3rd floor of an apartment complex. After trying numerous attempts to sweep the ants far away, I decided that I was going to have to sweep them up and flush them. It's been a fairly successful means of getting rid of 50 microscopic ants at a time, but they just. keep. coming. I don't even have any trash in my room!! Today, I found the hole they keep going back to and taped it up... but they just keep coming. I'd tried honey before to no avail but thought I'd give it another shot. This time, I set up big, globby honey traps next to where the hole used to be and around the corner from my door. Bingo! Ready for the gross result? Hopefully this will free up some time so I'm not playing any more ant baseball with my broom:

Update: The next morning.. they were all gone. Time to find some spray.

Not only has it been a test to my patience, happiness, and sanity, but it's been awfully hard to jive with the Buddhist and nature-friendliness of the country in such times. They won't kill rats, yet there are rats chewing up all of the cords in our music therapy office. I asked my apartment to help me with the ants, yet they couldn't muster up the ability. Speaking of which, I actually KNEW how to say "red ant" in Thai when I went to ask because that's my Thai friend's nickname. Unfortunately, most people don't expect me to know even 1 Thai word, so they didn't even let me try before they're shoving a translator at me. Booooooo.

Anyway, I'm not letting it get me down. Just a minor annoyance. Otherwise, nature hasn't made appearances in the apartment and I'm super glad.

* * * * 

This weekend I had a good time with my tour guide/friend from 2011, Hui. She picked me up on a random street in Bangkok and we drove off who-knows-where to a random Street Art thing where we attended a watercolor workshop. Pretty fun! I thought I would always be horrible at watercolor but I saw some potential for growth in that medium for me. Flowers are semi-fun to paint but not very fun to look at afterward (in my opinion).

Much more fun to look at REAL, 3D flowers blooming around campus!!

Back to the art thing... My favorite part was dinner, which had nothing to do with the the street art. We went to a tiny little street food place-- Hui, 9 other artists in a street art club, and I-- and got some traditional Thai food to eat family-style. While we were eating, 2 of the artists were still so inspired by what they had learned and done at the festival that they chose to paint us eating rather than actually eat! It's so cool to see another field in which people are so passionate about what they do that they will do it for free--even giving up a fundamental need, food, to pursue the passion and the happiness that followed when the paintings were done and everyone was "ooh"ing and "ahh"ing over the artwork. 

Can you find me-- the "farang"-- in the paintings? 

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