Monday, February 4, 2013

Independent Woman, Pt. 1

Personal Newsflash: 

In the past two days, I worked out twice. I haven't worked out with that consistency since high school and I haven't worked out PERIOD in about a year-- no joke. Whilst living on my own in Thailand, away from the temptations of America (TV, fast food, etc.), I have no excuse NOT to reinstate some great habits. Hopefully I will get bored with the food soon or I'll need the workouts just to maintain my current state! The fact of the matter is that I feel great about my willpower and the possibilities.

At my worst.
Absolutely wiped out!
I have a slight confession about tonight's workout: I may have been inspired by Beyonce's halftime performance just a little bit. I liked whoever tweeted "the halftime show was amazing but I'm not convinced Beyonce danced live". It was certainly weird for the Superbowl to happen on Monday morning for me. Thank you to swift video uploaders, I was able to catch the performance soon after. I thought it was pretty neat that she had a girl band backing her up. I felt fairly feminist after how inspired the video left me. Women (woman) took over the Superbowl this year!

My triceps are on their way!
 Another strange fact about today: the temperature was around 97 degrees in Bangkok. Jealous? I certainly don't want to rub it in about the weather, but I also feel like many people would choose the 55 degree weather back home.

So... my roommate for the semester moved back to the U.S. after about 9 days :(. So that's a bit of unexpected news. My next one may not come until April.. so that's another bit of unexpected news. This is why I didn't come to Thailand expecting structure and predictability. Flexibility is a great thing to learn! And something that I don't think was necessarily hard-wired into my being. As you can imagine, I have to be pretty independent-- which I can thank mom and dad for hard-wiring into me. Another silver lining: I can dance around in boxers and a sports bra to my favorite pump-up songs every morning and no one will ever know (except my readers, I suppose).

In case you were wondering about the "Part 1" in the title, take a time machine back to the year 2000. Just kidding! It's a Destiny's Child song, family. The few song references throughout my blog were added without much thought behind them but I think I'm going to stick with the theme. It nicely parallels +Aaron Gillespie's column movie reference.

Boy this blog is a weird contrast to the last-- a trip out of the clinic and into my life. It works for me, though, and will probably continue to follow such a pattern as this internship has so many facets that I want to remember and journal about. Clinical experiences, life-changing realizations, cultural differences, etc.

Speaking of cultural differences, here's a fun picture from a McDonald's I found in a mall outside of Bangkok! I love the Thai twist to an American classic. This is the Thai "wai", or bow, for when you say "Sawatdee-krap" ("Hello").

Be sure to visit my video "blog" on YouTube if you haven't for some more detailed shots of my recent happenings! You won't find a lot of me in the videos or much substance to any video, but the clips give far more detail than I can explain with my words or pictures. Also, feel free to subscribe and comment on the Blog! I'm pretty sure I'd feel pressured to write more if you did--which I want to do!

-- Melissa


  1. I also noticed you used the phrase "Silver Lining". There was more than one parallel to my blog in this post. You and I are so parallel we will never intersect - which is to say we have no common points in our range.

  2. I had hoped you would notice that :)