Wednesday, January 2, 2013

.... and a Happy New Year

A toast to the New Year! Here comes a massive post because my 2012 deserves some reflection:

Side-note: After a week with my new camera, I have to say that I am quite enjoying the benefits of a good camera and a fun group of people to take pictures of (my family and my bf, Aaron). I have already taken 300 in a week (many of which are perfectly worthy of a desktop background pre-edit-- as a testimony to the quality) and am definitely resolving to take a ridiculous amount in 2013. Despite a severe lack of pictures in 2012, I certainly have many moments to be proud of.

In no particular order, here is a list of Top 10 Achievements and Events of 2012:

  • Graduation from the University of Kansas with a dual degree in Music Therapy and Music Education
  • Speaking at said Graduation on the behalf of the School of Music's Class of 2012
  • Completing 12 weeks of Student Teaching at Tecumseh Elementary with the best mentor I could wish for-- solidifying my desire to work with young children and teach. 
  • Directing my first Show as a student teacher at Tecumseh
  • Living in a House (with my sister and 2 Washburn soccer players) for the first time since college began. This also meant that I was no longer a slave to RA/dorm life.
  • Being in Allen Field house--quickly followed by Mass Street-- as the Kansas Jayhawks won the Final 4. Definitely one of my favorite moments of student life at KU. 
  • Leading a stage full of children with DS in a sing-and-sign to "What a Wonderful World" during the closing campfire at Camp Hi-Lite in Indiana--solidifying my desire to work with persons from all areas of life's spectrum. 

  •  Taking an amazing vacation to Austin, TX with Aaron as a fun, "senior" spring break-- seeing all the sites the city had to offer, eating the MOST delicious Tex-Mex, and deciding that Austin would be a pretty sweet place to live if it ever came down to it.

  •  Going to see Aaron Gillespie's apartment in Kansas City for the first time-- I am so proud of his accomplishments and of the grace with which I have witnessed him become an adult :)

  • Being accepted as an intern at Mahidol University in Thailand for 2013. I never dreampt that my inevitable return to the Land of Smiles would be so soon. 

Notable mentions: Completing my senior recital, going back to McCollum Hall with Aaron to take pictures of the place we met before it is torn down, when Aaron came to visit me at Bradford Woods, Leadershape 2012, Dance Marathon 2012, TMEA in San Antonio Texas (for free!!), receiving the E. Thayer Gaston award at KU, another great year at the Walnut Valley Festival, and passing my PLT/Praxis and KPTP for my Kansas Teaching Licence (no picture could capture my relief)

Speaking of 2012 review, have you seen Google's Year in Review video? They compiled clips taken from the top-searched videos of 2012 into a 2:46 wonder found here. What will Google bring in 2013?

I'd say it's been a pretty darn great year in 2012 but that 2013 could hold something even better.

Stay posted as I work to put ink to paper and come up with a list of "resolutions". I had a good time looking at pictures for this post :)

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