Saturday, April 21, 2012

Visual Aids

One of my favorite things about my future career(s) is making visual aids. I can't believe I am so lucky that I get to make music for my job and my hobby AND use my arts and crafts knowledge! For music therapy, we are constantly making visual representations of music symbol substitutes (i.e. colors for different chords), movements, word choices, file folder applications/games for children, etc. For music education--especially general-- we are constantly finding new ways to represent music concepts in fun, engaging ways that make sense to a variety of learners. For those that teach private lessons, we find ways to challenge our students with flashcards, time tests, velcro rhythm boards, and lesson schedules. I go though a ridiculous amount of office supplies (especially laminating paper) but love having extra tools to help my students/clients learn <3

Technology Corner 1

Ever get frustrated with your internet browser? Finding folders for bookmarks? Waiting for commercials? Here are some awesome tools I have found recently that I can’t do without:

Google Chrome Web Store (first link when you open Chrome):

1. AdBlock Plus (Beta): this prevents YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, etc. from playing those annoying videos before your videos or music! No catch.

2. Pocket: with a click of an icon in your upper-righthand browser, you can save links to sites you are visiting without necessarily finding bookmark folders for them so you can view them later or organize them by topic. Pocket allows you to view them later on your tablet/phone without the internet.

3. Lyric extension for Google Chrome— virus-free alternative to lyric sites. Note: You should use Google Music Beta first and this service will be awesome!

Recycled Crafts

A Great Life...

A great life is not one that we experience but one that we create.